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Sep 2020

Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation in Higher Education (Online Training)

This Course Will Provide Participants With The Required Competencies which Include Knowledge on: • Quality assurance (QA) legislative environment, theories related to QA, implementation models, and case studies, policy writing and roleplay to assist with implementation • A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system, theories around M&E, models and implementation ...
28 Sep - 02 Oct
All Day

Management Skills, Customer Care and Project Management for PA’s and Executive Secretaries (Online Training)

Today’s professional ‘PA / Secretary / Frontline staff’ is expected to assume management and technical responsibilities, often in the absence of their manager. They are expected to co-ordinate peers, supervise, identify and handle both decisions and crises. Not only is the PA / Secretary / Frontline Staff a very competent secretary, but also a time manager for both herself and her boss. You have to remember that unreasonable demands from the hierarchy within the company as well as clients always interfere in her daily duties. ...
28 Sep - 02 Oct
All Day
Oct 2020

Financial Modelling (Online Training)

This workshop will be covering topics ranging from Basic Intermediate and Advanced Excel, which will enable attendees to navigate around complex financial models especially developed for the Public Sector Environment. It is developed to understand best practice modelling methods and processes using MS Excel as the model building tool. Delegates will also be given the opportunity to implement the concepts through multiple practical sessions which will demonstrate how to create models for public sector and government departments. By attending this intensive, practical workshop, delegates will also be addressing cash flow concepts (PV, IRR, NPV, return) and Understanding Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) ...
05 Oct - 09 Oct
All Day

Managing Pension and Retirement Funds Effectively (Online Training)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is placing the funding, investment and covenant position of benefit pension schemes under huge pressure. Investment volatility and a sharp increase in deficits have coincided with the severe financial pressure the crisis is placing on many scheme sponsors across many companies and sectors. Revenues have declined very rapidly given a collapse in trading volumes and in many cases forced the suspension of business operations. ...
19 Oct - 23 Oct
All Day

Advanced Records Management and Information Governance (Online Training)

The rapidly increasing volumes of data is putting pressure on organizations to govern information effectively. Organizations are finding it more difficult to understand what data they have, if data is secure, what data is being retained and if valuable business intelligence is being ignored. To help control this growth and make it manageable longer term, information governance is essential. Successful information governance can help you decide where to focus on, so that you can add value to the organization. This involves aligning data and intelligence with your business’ strategic objectives. ...
26 Oct - 30 Oct
All Day

Potable and Effluent Water Quality Management: Blue and Green Drop Compliance (Online Training)

Water quality management has evolved from a pollution control approach, which essentially concentrated on source directed management measures, to the current approach where water quality management consists of an integrated source, remediation and resource directed management approach which recognizes the receiving water users’, as well as the aquatic ecosystem’s water quality requirements. ...
26 Oct - 30 Oct
All Day
Nov 2020

Board Leadership and Governance through COVID-19

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting organisations. So, in these unsettling times, what should board members be focusing on and how should organisational leadership respond to the crisis as it unfolds, and prepare for the “New normal”? Not many boards of directors' public or private sector had a playbook for managing the magnitude of the CIVID 19 crisis, even fewer have a clear perspective on when and how their organisation's will emerge from the situation the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to enter. Board members, CEOs and leaders of businesses have a crucial role to play in helping the world get through the COVID 19 crisis, and the decisions they are taking today. The board acts as the ultimate stewardship body of the organisation both guiding and supporting management in decisions around the fight for survival but also ensuring the organisation positions itself to emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient. What is essential is board discipline, a cool head, detachment and good judgment under their guidance and leadership. For boards of directors, a good response is likely to be rooted in a deep understanding of the role of the board— knowing when to step in and when not to, and how and when to engage in external activity—such as communicating with stakeholders, regulators, and others. ...
23 Nov - 27 Nov
All Day
Premier Hotel O.R. Tambo
73 Gladiator Street, Kempton Park Gauteng
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